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FLIGHT Version 2.0

FLIGHT is an online resource compiling data from over 100 Drosophila in vivo and in vitro RNAi screens. FLIGHT includes details of RNAi reagents, and their predicted off-target effects, alongside RNAi screen hits, scores and phenotypes (including images and movies for high-content screens).

This new release of FLIGHT is designed to enable users to upload their own RNAi screen scores and normalize them in a number of ways using the cellHTS2 R-package. Users can view quality control plots, detect and assign screen hits and compare hits from multiple screens, using a variety of methods including hierarchical clustering. FLIGHT integrates RNAi screen data with microarray gene expression as well as genomic annotations and genetic/physical interaction datasets. Indeed, the database also includes microarray gene expression profiles for over 20 Drosophila cell lines.

FLIGHT is freely available for public use, however registering with FLIGHT will enable you to access additional functionality, including saving and combining gene lists, and submitting your own dataset for statistical analysis using cellHTS2.

01 APR 2010 FLIGHT v2.0 Launched
29 JAN 2010 FLIGHT v2.0 Beta Launched